Marshall Lead 15


MG15MSII 15 Watt Micro Stack 37" High

Used Fender Rumble 25


1X8 25Watt Bass Combo Amp

Ibanez PF 1512 12 String


Spruce Top, Nyatoh Body and Neck, Nandu Fretboard

Used Gibson SGJ


A Real Gibson for less money. Left handed with rosewood fingerboard and transparent white finish

Ibanez LGB30

$1099.99 w/Hard Shell Case

Signature George Benson Model, bound ebony fretboard, dual Super 58 Custom pickups

Ibanez Acoustic Jampack


Acoustic Guitar comes with Gig Bag, Tuner, Guitar strap, and Accessory pouch

Ibanez Acoustic Jampack Jr


3/4 Size Acoustic Guitar comes with Gig Bag and Tuner

Ibanez Bass Jumpstart


Bass Guitar, 10W amp, Gig bag, Tuner, Headphones, Stand, Strap, Cable, Picks, Accessories Pouch

Ibanez Electric Jumpstart


Electric Guitar, 10W amp, Gig bag, Tuner, Strap, Cable, Picks, Accessories Pouch

Tama Imperialstar


5 piece Kit in Blue with Cymbals and Hardware

Tama Superstar CL


5 Piece Shell Pack in Red Sparkle

Used Soundcraft Mixer


MFXi 8 Channel Mixer with USB, comes with owners manual. Used only once

Used Danelectro


Black Danoblaster Innuendo with distortion, chorus, tremolo, and echo.

Used Vega Mandolin

$1,600.00 w/Hard Case

Rare Vintage Cylinder Back from 1910’s to early 20’s. Great Condition

Used Crate MX120R 2x12


Powerful at 115 Watts. A lot of loud for little money!

Used Epiphone Gibson SG


Korean made Humbucker pickups. Looks great, plays great!

Used Zakk Wylde Epiphone


Here's the lower priced alternative to the signature Gibson.

Used Marshall JCM 800


2×12 50W combo version of the legendary JCM 800.

Used Fender Excelsior


Used amp in good condition. Vintage vibes with great tones!

Used Roland Jazz Chorus - 77


Used vintage amp, legendary clean sound in good shape.

Used Fender Stratocaster

$500.00 w/Hard Shell Case

Standard black, made in Mexico, midi controller for Roland guitar synths.

Ibanez SR400 Bass Guitar


Sunrise Red Burst Finish Mojo Approved!

Ibanez RGA42 FM-DEF


Gorgeuos Dragon Eyeburst Flat Finish

Used Ibanez V70 CE-BK

$170.00 w/Gig Bag‍

Acoustic Electric Guitar Excellent Condition

Used Jackson DK2MHT

$500.00 w/Gig Bag

Pro Dinky Deep Metallic Purple Maple fretboard

Used Alvarez Electric Acoustic

$250.00 w/Hard Shell Case

RF26CE Mint Condition.

Used Charvel Franken Strat

$150.00 w/Gig Bag

It's 2 Guitars in One! Check out that color.

Used Schecter Raiden 5

$350.00 w/Roadrunner case

Very cool 5 string bass!

Diodati “Hannah” White

$499.000 W/Hard shell case

Asian Mohagany, real rosewood fretboard. Alnico pickups

Diodati “Cara” Gold Top (New)

$559.00 w/Hard Shell Case

Diodati “Cara” gold top, Asian Mahogany, real rose wood fret board. Alnico pickups.

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