Jeff McInnis



About Me

“The first time I saw a guitar I wanted to play”. Jeff has been composing, performing and teaching music for over 38 years. Featured in Guitar World magazine’s “Hometown Heroes” column in November 1992, while playing in the L.A. music scene, he played at some of the most legendary clubs in the world. He is also a veteran of the local music scene, playing all over New England. His approach to teaching is different than most: “Music is a language that you learn to speak through your instrument”. Using all the latest advances in technology, Jeff’s approach from student to student is based on age and musical taste. “You try to meet the goals of the student, there’s no ‘one size fits all’ Method. You don’t need to know everything about music to play it, just enough to enjoy it”.

Jeff has a Guitar Specialist Certificate and a Master Certificate In Music Theory from Berklee College of Music.