Steve Latanision



About Me

As a multi-instrumentalist/mentalist, I’ve been playing Bluegrass, Irish, Americana,Folk, Jazz,and Country music in the Boston/New England area for the last 25 years,and have been on over 200 releases. I’ve played and recorded the fiddle/violin, pedal and lap steel, 4 and 5 string banjo, dobro, mandolin, six, and twelve string guitars. Mostnotable artists include John Cate and the Van Gogh Brothers (8 cds), multi-award winning composer Jim Bauer (1 cd w/ Dagmar, The Blue Flower), The DaveSammarco Band (4 cds, 3 eps), Lonesome Jukebox (4 cds), NEMA artisti of the yearAnnie Brobst (two cds), Grammy award winning producer Anthony J Resta (5 cds),and Grammy award winning engineer Ducky Carlisle (4 cds), and Grammy nominated artists Ashley Jordan (1 single). I’ve have also appeared on TV through various artists.Steve has also won awards with the MCMAA, NHCMA,NEMA and NECMO organizations

Teaching statement I like to bring out the many different aspects of music, so that the student receives a wide range of instruction, from how to practice, how to look at music, the studies involved, and the relatedness between genres and instruments.A good example would be bluegrass, which is a mix of Irish, blues and jazz. Theory and reading are highly encouraged, and is taught in a useful, practical manner.

Education, B.A. Berklee School of Music majored in M.P. and E. (Music Production and Engineering)